Carbon Neutral

We are very proud to announce that Fly Uganda is the first 100% Carbon Neutral Aviation Company in Africa. We took this pioneering step in April 2012 as part of our environmental commitment and CSR activities.

Where the money goes

All our flights are made Carbon Neutral by the purchase of carbon credits from the Trees For Global Benefits in Bushenyi, western Uganda. This smallholder tree-planting scheme located just south of Queen Elizabeth National Park has been in operation for the past 10 years. The project provides technical advice on tree growing to farmers.
Protecting Uganda's Environment

As well as storing carbon their trees are increasing biodiversity, protecting the watershed and preventing soil erosion. We chose to buy carbon credits from a Ugandan project so increasing the income of our own people who are involved in the extension and maintenance of tree cover in our own country.

These carbon credits are certified by the Rainforest Alliance and comply with the ethical and pro-poor Plan Vivo standard (www.planvivo.org). Fly Uganda’s Carbon Neutral activity is organised by the Uganda Carbon Bureau (www.ugandacarbon.org).

Schools/Educational Visits

As well as operating Uganda’s only Approved Training Organisation, Fly Uganda also reaches out to the younger generation providing airfield visits and educational trips designed to combine with schools curriculums.

Special Experience Flights

We have arranged special flights for children with severe disabilities who harbour an ambition and a strong desire to experience what it is like to fly. These opportunities to be able to facilitate this small but hugely significant thing is an uplifting experience for all involved.