Safety & Quality Management

Safety First and Last
At Fly Uganda safety is our top priority and we are rightly proud of our 100% accident free record since we began operations in 1997. We employ various tools to maintain this high standard and approach to safety while operating in the demanding East African environment.

Safety Management
The Aviation Safety Department promotes programs that support operational excellence, prevent accidents and manage corporate risks. It drives the management and implementation of the Company Safety Management System (SMS). The SMS is proactive and predictive and includes the collection, analysis and dissemination of safety information

Safety Audits
We are regularly audited by professional International Aviation Safety Audit Companies on behalf of our major clients in the oil, gas and mining sectors. This ongoing process ensures and assists our adherence to the required standards and provides an independent external safety oversight.

Satellite Tracking
All of our aircraft are fitted with satellite tracking technology so their exact location is known at all times and can be followed by our Operations Department using a web based system.

Quality Management
We are the only ISO 9001:2008 certificated aviation company in Uganda and this International Standard demands the highest levels of compliance and customer service. We also operate our own stringent internal audit system.
Air Maestro The companies have implemented the powerful Air Maestro software system for managing safety and compliance.

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